For those who would rather breathe life into a design made by another, this is the place! All Sweetling adopts will be posted here, and by clicking on their image you can be lead to their source to find out more information.

Please note that all Sweetlings adopted must adhere to the anti-abandonment policy, detailed below.

Anti-Abandonment Policy

In attempt to reduce the amount of adoptables that are taken but never used, the anti-abandonment policy has been put into effect. It goes as follows:

When a Sweetling is initially adopted, the date of its changed of ownership is marked. 3 months from that date, the initial owner will check in for activity on that character. Said activity can be anything, RP, character development documents, anything to show that thought, development, and care has been put into that Sweetling during that 3 month time. Failure to show anything will constitute a strike, 2 strikes will have the Sweetling returned to its original owner.

The Anti-Abandonment's policy end when a total of 4 of these check-ins have occurred.

Additionally, it's stipulations can be ended early by the creation of a artistic piece depicting the adopt in question (be it a drawing, a story, or something else entirely). This piece can be either commissioned or personally created. Purchasing the initial adopt does qualify for this exemption.

Link to the Google Sheet