Unique Abilities

Sweetlings are a very adaptable species. To that end, many develop additional abilities beyond the ones listed in the sections prior. These abilities can draw and come forth from many things: Something relating to the species the Sweetling is mimicking, something related to the personality of the Sweetling, or perhaps something entirely unexpected.

These abilities are complete wildcards, and can range anywhere from an extension of current abilities (like having multiple base forms) to something entirely disconnected from sweets or their mimicked species (being able to walk through the dreams of others, for instance).

Some Sweetlings only ever develop one special ability, while others have been known to develop as many as half a dozen or more. It is of common consensus, however, that each and every Sweetling has at least one of these abilities inside, just waiting to be released.


Flight as a Sweetling is somewhat dubious.  As candy is quite dense and the body does not copy the hollow bones and such that make flight possible in certain cloned species, flight is often relegated to short bursts or glides for these Sweetlings.

By consumption of certain materials however, Sweetlings of all shapes and sizes may move about the sky, propelling themselves as if swimming through the air. By consuming Pop Rocks and Soda within a short window of one another, a chemical reaction takes place in the body, causing the form to lighten artificially and be propelled by movement through the air. This reaction doesn’t last forever, and so refueling will eventually be needed to continue flying.

Combining Mentos and Soda is also an option for longer bouts of flight, but the results of such are much more expansive.

Pheromone Veil

The Pheromone Veil is a rather curious trait, requiring a particular mental state mental state in order to secrete it. This state of mind is best described by its discoverer as:

“The Resolve to face your fears of the world and people, the lack of care of what the world will do to you because of what you are”

When that is achieved a delicious scent will start emitting from the Sweetling. This scent calms the mind of those around the Sweetling, pushing away the absurdity and making the creature exude a sense of normality. This veil of scent can protect up to two Sweetlings at a time, provided they stay very close to one another.

This veil is not unbreakable, however, and great care must be taken to not break it around non-Sweetlings. Actions considered ‘alien’ or ‘threatening’, will break the veil, likely terrifying the non-Sweetling nearby. Dangerous actions include: Size redistribution in a short period of time, Flight, Shapeshifting, and other such actions. As the veil is only a scent it is just as susceptible as any other would be, and as such things like violent rain or wind has a chance to remove it as well.

There is one exception to the effectiveness of the Veil: It does not work on young children. For many have not been tempered by the reality society expects, and such candy creatures are not out of the norm to them.

Aurora Corona

Like the Pheromone Veil above, the Aurora Corona is a trait that requires a specific circumstances to activate. It first awakens when a Sweetling discovers their place of belonging in a given world, upon which a soft halo of light will surround them for a time.

By coalescing this light into their Theyra, the Sweetling may use this light at any time, releasing it out in front of them as it forms a portal between their current location and the world they formed a sense of belonging in.

Unlike the Gummy Wormholes explained in a later section, this portal, being linked to its host Sweetling, is consistent. It will provide transport between the homeland of the Sweetlings and any other place a Sweetling calls home whenever they desire, provided they can form a strong bond on both ends.