Creation & Ownership

1. Sweetlings do not visibly age. Their form can change appearance due to a number of factors. For the sake of protection, if a Sweetling looks underage, it will be considered as underage in the content it is within, and therefore is banned from sexual/erotic content.

2. Do not unwillingly force another to become a Sweetling during an RP (unless it has been discussed and agreed upon prior to the RP starting)

3. All parts of the Sweetling body should fit well into the sweets/candy aesthetic

4. Do not make a 1:1 copy of another's Sweetling. Similar species/materials are allowed, however.

Community Code of Conduct

This code primarily applies to the Sweetling Telegram chat, though they are applicable to interacting with the community at large.

1. Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, and other offensive content will not be tolerated

2. Keep conversation civilized, harassment and insults will be removed and continued behavior will cause your expulsion from the chat.

3. This is an all-ages chat. If you wish to send adult or highly fetishized material, please do so over private message.

3A. Adult material includes exposed nipples or genitalia, or images where these features are not exposed but highly focused on or pronounced. Breasts are allowed provided they are covered, or are just mounds without nipples.

3B. If any content posted makes a user uncomfortable, they can report it to the administrator of the group, who will review the content for removal.