Base Form

Upon creation, all Sweetlings have a base form, that mimics the attributes and abilities of another creature. This can be of any species, both real and fantastical.


All Sweetlings are made up of confectionery; candy, chocolate, fondant, syrup, cake, etc. The composition’s only limitation is that the material in question must contain sugar (Sucrose, to be more specific), as this is all the Candy Heart can properly manipulate.

The Candy Heart, or The Theyra, as it is called, sits at the core of every Sweetling. It is what holds their form together, and contains all the vital processes necessary for living. It is the only truly vulnerable part of their body, as the rest is quite malleable and disposable. The body is also able to be easily reformed provided the correct sweets are around. Despite this, great care should be taken when handling the Theyra, as even small chips can lead to devastating side effects.

The Theyra dictates the shape of the body as well, through the creation of something typically referred as a ‘wrapper’. It is an invisible barrier surrounding the entirety of the Sweetling in the mold of its current form, loosely holding its form together. It can easily be pierced to access the body underneath and repairs itself quickly, but is useful for holding the rough shape of the Sweetling, as well as keeping most of the sweets in and most of the contaminants and debris out. Wrappers also negate the natural food magnetization of other Sweetling’s Theyra, reducing the likelihood of body snatching.

Due to their body temperature, most Sweetlings maintain a semisolid state, kept in place by a combination of the wrapper and the magnetization to the core. This helps keep their forms in an optimal state for molding and allows for increased mobility.

Form Abilities

A Sweetling’s body attempts to mimic all the abilities of the chosen species form, though the abilities themselves will alter in order to better suit the sweet-based form.

Some examples of this include dragons breathing things like sugar bubbles or hot tamale dust, a gummy kangaroo’s pouch featuring a mold, and so forth.