Villanilla's Biomes

Mallow Mountains

Terrain: High altitude mountains

Size: 105 Sq. Miles

Materials: Marshmallows topped with glaze

Landmarks: Graham Glazier

Fairy Floss Forest

Terrain: Temperate Deciduous forest

Size: 208 Sq. Miles

Materials: Sugar, Cotton Candy, Malt Sugar, Caramel

Landmarks: Cotton Candy Cottonwood Clearing


Terrain: Arid, cold expanse with many frozen lakes

Size: 100 Sq. Miles

Materials: Ice Cream, Shakes


Pastry Plains

Terrain: Breezy wide open prairie

Size: 213 Sq. Miles

Materials: Cookies, Doughnuts, and other Pastries


Fruitful Fields

Terrain: Humid, wide open Savannah

Size: 189 Sq. Miles

Materials: Jams, Jellies, and Candied Fruit


Breakfast Beach

Terrain: Tranquil beach front with calm tides

Size: 80 Sq. Miles

Materials: Sugary cereals and syrup

Landmarks: The Waffle House

Peppermint Pines

Terrain: Cold Taiga

Size: 163 Sq. Miles

Materials: Chocolate and peppermint



Terrain: Sticky Jungle with a heavy canopy

Size: 163 Sq. Miles

Materials: Gummy, taffy, and jello

Landmarks: Jellostone

Molasses Marsh

Terrain: Thick, boggy Marshland and ponds

Size: 163 Sq. Miles

Materials: Sodas and sugary drinks

Landmarks: Fountain Falls, Old Fizzful, Mentos Mound

Red Velvet Rise

Terrain: Steep rocky Mesa slopes with visible cake layers

Size: 113 Sq. Miles

Materials: Cake and Pies


Dessert Desert

Terrain: Arid expanse with occasional rocky outcroppings

Size: 233 Sq. Miles

Materials: Cinnamon Sugar and Rock Candy