The World of Villanilla

Across the cosmos our turtle does roam

N'er stop to rest, continuing their stride

Oh dearest Villanilla, our sweet home


To protect us from the white frothing foam

On the milky way, they do softly glide

Across the cosmos our turtle does roam


On its back spans a world so polychrome

Sweets in every shape, forming the hillsides

Oh dearest Villanilla, our sweet home


From its shell spring gates, trails to worlds unknown

Sweetlings spread far and wide, Fillin' hearts with pride!

Across the cosmos our turtle does roam


And the turtle has secrets of their own

Gives birth to our kind, protects us inside

Oh dearest Villanilla, our sweet home


A ruler without need for crown or throne

A mother, father, oh so qualified

Across the cosmos our turtle does roam

Oh dearest Villanilla, our sweet home

What is Villanilla?

Villanilla is the name given to the humble world that rests on the shell of the great world turtle, Nilla. It is the birthplace of Sweetlingkind, and where many of them have come to reside.

How long Nilla has existed is a mystery.  Even the oldest among Sweetlings can not remember a time before Nilla, and many believe that the curious turtle has existed since time primeval.

Also rather curious is that of Nilla’s gender. Sweetlings met by Nilla’s presence, or by exploring across the shell have found on display an equal display of paternal and maternal traits. As such, many have taken to referring to the grand turtle with words such as them or they.

Villanilla drifts across a river of milk in the sky, in what is presumably a space between space. On their back rifts in space frequently open, establishing ties between the shell and the worlds beyond. Through these Sweetlings may travel to explore and convert, and it is not unheard of that someone from the other side may stumble through and end up in ‘Candyland’ themselves.

Life on the Shell

The shell of Villanilla spans across 1730 square miles, encompassing upon it 11 total biomes. Each of these biomes encompasses a combination of an earth-like biome and an overarching sweet (Sherberia, for instance, is a tundra made up entirely of ice cream and similar elements.) A full list of the biomes and their compositions can be found under the Biomes tab.

The climate on Villanilla is rather consistent, typically averaging around 65°F. Days are created by the bioluminscent candy on Nilla’s flippers. When the flippers are above the circumference of the shell, light pours upon the landmass. As they travel back down, the light fades and the starscape above is visible. A single flap occurs over the course of 24 hours, leading to 12 hour days and 12 hour nights.

Despite its peaceful-sounding nature, the world is rather inhospitable to organic life. The atmosphere contains high amount of sugar particles, as well as having a much lower oxygen and water content than found on other worlds. As such, visits from non-Sweetlings are should be kept rather brief, even beyond the dangers of being converted by one of the inhabitants.

The inhabitants of Nilla stick to a mostly Nomadic lifestyle, preferring to live alone or in small family units than to create towns and cities.

Nilla's Powers

Being a Sweetling themselves, Nilla has all the same abilities the species benefits from. As Nilla has a wrapper, a Sweetling must be in direct contact with a material on the shell  in order to absorb it.

Nilla also hosts many in their expanse who wish to simply experience the feeling of being the world itself, and these serve a dual purpose in both pleasing the Sweetlings in question and protecting Nilla. Should any Sweetling try to activate an ability of Nilla’s that would be catastrophic (such as absorbing too much of their material, or attempting to sculpt/polymorph them), a minefield of Theyra rests between them and Nilla’s Theyra, hearts that may enter and host on the perpetrator to attempt to stop them in their task.

Perhaps the most important of Nilla’s abilities is their own size absorption, as as Nilla grows and shrinks, so does the land on their back. As such, some Sweetlings have put it on themselves to hunt down candy in other worlds, bringing it back to grow their homeland.

Nilla is considered the parent to all Sweetlings, and this is not without due cause. If another Sweetling copulates with any object on the landmass, the product will mix with Nilla’s own, and Sweetling eggs will form. These eggs eventually surface across Villanilla, creating a veritable Easter egg hunt with where they pop up.

Strange rifts in space have been noted on the back of Nilla's shell, commonly referred to as "Gummy Wormholes". While it is unknown whether they have any control over these worms, they stretch out across the fabric of space, connecting all manner of dimensions to Villanilla and vice versa. Caution should be taken when traversing through these holes though, as they have a tendency to open and close at completely random intervals.