Body Manipulation

Minor Body Tweaks

Being semisolid, the base body of a Sweetling can be manipulated out of the parameters of the wrapper to a degree. By concentrating, tentacles, tendrils, flaps, and other such extensions of their body can occur, stretching out of the body as they are needed. Due to the wrapper, these additions will eventually relax back down into the main body.

Sweet Absorption

Sweetlings can attract sweets into their body in a mid-sized range. The material attracted can be absorbed through any part of the Wrapper. All sweets absorbed into the form deposit themselves in the rough location of the gut while they await processing.

Size Redistribution

Sweets are processed in the gut. Sweets that make up the base body are processed fastest. Any sweets that don’t share the same materials as the base body composition have the sugar extracted from them, the unusable waste is left in the gut.

After this happens, the wrapper expands to fit the new material added and then the material spills into it to fill the new form. This typically happens in a quick burst after eating is finished and once there has been enough of a pause to allow for processing, leading to massive growth spurts in a short amount of time.

This process also occurs in reverse, the body will shrink itself in order to account for fewer materials being available. If shrunk down to 1 foot in size or smaller the Theyra will be visible (as the Theyra never changes size).

Sweets can be applied directly to a corresponding part of the body in order to grow that part exclusively. For instance, pressing candy canes into a pair of candy cane horns would cause just them to grow. Simple full-body growth will cause those locations to grow as well but they will be diluted, as the main body materials fill the inside of the body part in order to allow the growth to occur.